Cloud Email and Collaboration


Cloud Business-class email and calendaring put you in sync. Delivering your data through the internet avoids communication glitches and puts everyone on the same page. Microsoft Office 365, Hosted Lync, and Hosted Sharepoint will bring unity and convenience to you anywhere, at anytime.

Why Your Business Will Benefit from Cloud Services 
  • Cost savings – scalable solutions grow as your company does with little-to-no need for additional hardware/software purchases
  • Leverage the growing computing community
  • Keep current with latest software and industry trens and updates – automatically and much less costly
  • Automatic data backup keeps your server space free and your important guranteed
  • Disaster Recovery in case your own hardware fails
  • Personnel decisions – Allow our specialists to do what we do best while you focus on what YOU do best – running your business
All  Services include:
  • Cloud Servers: All Servers are fully managed virtual servers that provide your organization with the processing power it needs for its critical business applications without the price tag associated with traditional hardware.
  • Cloud Backup: All Backup and Disaster Recovery services provide your organization with a scalable, secure offsite location to store critical business data.
  • Cloud Business Continuity: All  Business Continuity services ensure that your organization can continue business operations if your primary information systems are damaged.
  • Cloud Hosted Exchange: All  Hosted Exchange services make your email system more affordable by reducing administrative overhead and investments in costly hardware.