Cloud Servers

Hardware is expensive.

Why waste money buying upgrade after upgrade for hardware, software and installation when AvailTechnology can do it all for you cloud servers

When your organization needs to invest in expensive new servers and software, don’t do it. Instead, move your servers to the cloud.

Cloud servers are affordable and scalable.

Servers can reduce your organization’s need to invest in expensive hardware and software while increasing guaranteed server uptime. All servers are built on Microsoft Operating systems and have configurable RAM and storage options. Our enterprise-grade Cloud Servers are fully managed and include system and file backup, patch management, remote monitoring, event log tracking and technical support.  Your organization has access to cutting edge server technologies without footing the bill for purchasing the hardware and software or worrying about budgeting for replacing technology as it ages.

Added Flexibility

Only pay for what you need, when you need it.  As your business needs grow we can adjust your hardware to meet those needs while ensuring your future expansion is also considered. The most suitable, cost-effective setup is custom designed for your needs. Your servers are set up, managed, backed-up and monitored to your requirements.

Easy setup, maintenance and upgrades

AvailTechnology takes care of setting up, managing and monitoring your servers on your behalf. Save time and costs by letting AvailTechnology handle all of the grunt work.

Automated Backup

Your data is as secure as it would be housed on physical hardware located at your business site.