IT Needs Assessments and Strategic Planning

Conducting an Information Technology (IT) Needs Assessment and Strategic Plan enables the organization to evaluate current IT infrastructure, systems and processes in order to develop a long term Road Map. The analysis consists of reviewing the current IT infrastructure including servers and workstations, audits, networks, and security, identifying gaps and providing recommendations and action steps for the organizational direction. The Avail Technology Group typically conducts the assessment in three phases:

Phase I – Discovery (As-Is Scenario)
Phase II – Critical Analyses
Phase III – Recommendations and Action Steps

Our methodology for successful delivery of a comprehensive Information Technology Needs Assessment & Strategic Plan follows a People, Process, Technology (PPT) framework, which allows for a holistic view of organizational vision, current operations and IT infrastructure. Below, we have described some of the critical activities that we may conduct as part of the assessment.

Review of Information Technology Infrastructure:

Information Technology Infrastructure is a framework of best practices implemented to create a high quality Information Technology support for operations. The Avail Technology Group has conducted assessments of IT infrastructure which included activities such as application and network architectures, analysis of existing hardware and software, contingency planning, industry best practices, and recommendations of hardware and software solutions to meet the agency’s needs and strategic goals.

Conduct System Audit:

System Audits are conducted to improve the reliability, security, and efficiency of a particular system. In conducting a system audit, The Avail Technology Group analyzes the current functionalities of the system versus how the agency utilizes the system along with the integrity of the data within the system. We take it a step further by documenting current process flows and assessing the current skill level of users. After completing a comprehensive system audit, The Avail Technology Group recommends strategies and solutions for increasing the system’s return on investment for the organization.

Conduct Full-Time Equivalent (FTE) Analysis:

An FTE analysis is conducted to understand the time allocated to different daily responsibilities of IT staff. This analysis allows us to make recommendations on IT staffing levels and structures. Information is gathered through surveys (discovery phase), interviews and shadowing staff. We can take this step further by comparing our findings with posted job descriptions and qualifications enabling us to redefine and reallocate duties and responsibilities in a more efficient manner.

Conduct SWOT Analysis:

The Avail Technology Group frequently utilizes Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats (SWOT) analysis during its strategic planning initiatives. This activity has proven invaluable for identifying the strategic resources available to an organization and the constraints within which it has to operate. Based on activities conducted as part of the “Discovery” and “Critical Analyses” phases of the project, The Avail Technology Group will document strengths and weaknesses (internal environment, including IT infrastructure) and opportunities and threats (external environment).