IT Managed Support


Avail Technology Group’s Managed IT Services provide proactive support for your business network and IT systems. We are able to identify and prevent system issues before they impact your business. Using our proprietary system, we are able to manage and monitor all of the computers, servers, and network devices in your office.

Step 1: Analyze

We assess the overall health of your IT systems and network infrastructure. Managed Services begins with this important first step to understand the existing configuration and put forth recommendations to improve where applicable.

Step 2: Implement

Our engineers prepare and configure your IT network for proactive maintenance. This includes virus protection, patch management, monitoring, remote backup and much more. Monthly reports demonstrate how we’re caring for your network.

Step 3: Monitor

System monitoring and alerting provide our staff with detailed information about the health of your network and systems real-time. Our engineers and technicians can often prevent computer and system problems before they arise. When a potential issue does arise, our team of technicians  are  alerted and take action to address often without any involvement from the customer.

Step 4: Maintain

Ongoing support and maintenance of any network or IT system is critical to insure security, stability and availability of systems and applications. Our Managed Support solution includes regularly scheduled maintenance visits to insure the ongoing health of the environment.