Avail Technology Group’s Managed IT Services provide proactive support for your business IT systems. We are able to identify and prevent system issues before they impact your business. Using our proprietary system, we are able to manage and monitor all of the computers, servers, and network devices in your organization.


Remotely manage and monitor all backup jobs. Pro-actively modify backup sets as data requirements change. Pro-actively remediate backup job errors. Pro-actively test and validate restore procedures. 






 Pro-active Server Management is critical to the health of any IT system. Insuring that your server is current with updates and patches is not only critical for security reasons but for overall performance. Like any high performance system, Servers will only run as well as they are maintained.




Information Technology Security requires a comprehensive and holistic approach. Anti-virus, Anti-malware, Anti-SPAM, perimeter control, access control lists, password and other security policies are all required for proper security controls. Avail Technology will monitor manage and advise to insure your business is following industry standard best practices.




Avail Technology utilizes best of bread solutions to monitor and maintain our customers' network systems including firewall, switching and routing infrastructure. With the ability to not only get deep performance metrics, we are able to update firmware and backup configurations dynamically with no user intervention.




In todays fast pace and changing technology landscape, its critical to keep workstations, laptops, tablets and mobile devices up to date with the latest patches and software updates. Avail Technology End-Point management solution allows us to manager and maintain your end-point devices while insuring security software is always current.




Planning is critical for success. This is no different with Information Technology. Our Virtual CIO service provides customers with a strategic advisor to help them not plan for the future based on the technology needs of the business. With the ever changing landscape in technology, you need someone to help navigate through the noise and determine the best solution for your business, Cloud, Virtualization, Security, Office365? Let us help!