Deliver virtual applications and desktops on a single unified platform, providing self-service access for users and simplified management for IT. Makes app selection instant and trouble-free – users choose apps from an easy to use app store that is securely accessible from any device, including bring your own (BYO) tablets, smartphones, PCs, Macs and thin clients. We can offer IT simple management, fast deployment, support visibility and a cloud-ready architecture.


One of the primary benefits of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure is the secure by design architecture. Because the Desktop, applications and associated data resides in the data center, there is no information stored on local devices. For companies that offier remote access this is an importent safe guard against lost or stolen devices. Furthermore the connection stream is fully encryted for to isnure session based security as well.


With the ever increasing number of remote employees in the workforce today its critical to offer a mobility strategy that allows users to be productive while insuring security. Virtual Desktops, whether in the Cloud or On-Premise provide the most secure and scalable options to organizations of any size. Access your desktop from anywhere, anytime, and on any device to increase employee productivity while allowing flexibility simultaneously.